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9 Beneficial Reasons to Get a Ceramic Coating in Oakville

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In order to maintain a regular paint job on your car, you’ll need to take it to a car wash at least every two weeks. More likely it’ll be much more frequently than that.

Or you can give yourself a little more wiggle room between washes, while still maintaining that gorgeous, shiny, clean car look. Ceramic coating gives your car’s paint job an extra layer that helps to protect it against dirt, grime and water spots.

Are you thinking this sounds too good to be true? Well, we’re here to tell you why you need the best ceramic coating in Oakville!

1. Becomes a Repellent

The main purpose of adding a ceramic coating is to create a repellent barrier that covers the exterior of the vehicle. This barrier keeps all kinds of debris from causing permanent damage to the paint and framing of the car.

Water, dirt, grime, and other liquids will simply roll off the ceramic coating leaving a clean, shiny surface intact.

This is an especially important quality to prevent against chemical stains, like those caused by pollution or roadway clearing agents, that can be common. Another layer of protection is always a good thing for your car.

2. No Need to Wax

For a long time, and for many people still, waxing their car has been the best way to extend the results of the car wash. It may work great (that’s also debatable depending on the specifics) but it has to be done regularly for the best results.

Getting a ceramic coating will eliminate this need completely but with the same results. It’s like getting multiple waxes all in one process!

3. Eliminates Color Fading

No matter what, exposed paint on a vehicle will fade over time. Paint isn’t created to last for years and years without breaking down at all. The biggest contributor to the breakdown is UV rays from the sun, which cause a reaction in the ingredients of the paint that breakdown and decrease the pigment.

The barrier of a ceramic coating also protects the paint job from those harmful UV rays. Just like with the dirt or grime, those rays can’t penetrate the coating and reach the paint. They just bounce off and leave no trace.

4. Repairs Paint Job

Not only does a ceramic coating protect your paint job, but it may also improve it as well. 

The most important aspect of a ceramic coating installation is actually the preparation stage. This is where the technician will go over your vehicle and see if there is any damage that can be remedied before sealed in the coating material. 

So if there are any slight imperfections they could potentially be buffed out or repainted beforehand for the perfect finish. 

5. Smart Investment

A new paint job for a vehicle generally costs the owner anywhere between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. Prices vary so much depending on the exact type of paint and the quality of the job. 

But even after you get a new paint job, you’re still left with the same old problems you had before. It’s impossible to keep it clean and fresh looking for long. It will eventually fade and lose its luster. And then you’ll be right back where you started getting a new paint job. 

But choosing to go with a ceramic coating on top of your paint job allows you to enjoy that for many years to come without worry. 

6. Enhances the Look

Chances are if you’re a person looking into getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle you care very much about what it looks like. You’re probably heavily invested in its paint job and want it to look its best.

Adding ceramic coating will give your paint job an added boost that makes it feel more high-end and custom, even if that’s not actually the case. The finish of a ceramic coating looks custom and expensive, which is a hard look to achieve with paint alone.

7. Customizable Experience

Ceramic coatings for cars aren’t one-size-fits-all situations. There are several ways to completely customize the final product to get exactly the look you’re going for. 

The most obvious and common way to customize is by choosing the level of gloss, allowing you to choose from a range of shine options. There are also different levels of protection available, making it more or less hydrophobic. You can even choose based on how much maintenance will be required afterward. 

There’s an option for everyone to get the right ceramic coating. 

8. Reduces Maintenance Time

While going to the car wash can be therapeutic and enjoyable for some. It can also turn into a hassle and a chore that gets put off for far too long.
Getting a ceramic coating significantly reduces the number of times you’ll need to take your car to the car wash. Though it won’t eliminate them completely, you’ll be able to go much less frequently but still maintaining that clean look.

9. Glass-like Shine

Even the best waxes on the market often have a hard time creating that glass-like shine that many car owners are looking for. They can get close but it likely will only last awhile and the process to get that is incredibly meticulous and time-consuming.

Ceramic coating gives you that high-gloss shine that will last for years without any extra maintenance or upkeep.

Getting the Best Ceramic Coating in Oakville

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of leaving the car wash with that shiny exterior. And also nothing quite as frustrating as noticing some imperfections quickly after that. 

Getting a ceramic coating in Oakville will ensure that your car looks great more often than not. That eases your workload while still allowing you to reap all of the benefits of a nice looking car. The process is simple and quick but best of all, long-lasting so you can enjoy these benefits for a long time!

If you’re interested in learning more about the ceramic coating process and getting a quote, contact us today!