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Is a Milton Ceramic Coating for Your Car Worth It?

Do you know how beneficial ceramic coating can be for your car’s exterior?


From paint protection to protection from UV damage and many more benefits, you simply can’t go wrong by opting for ceramic coating for your vehicle. Now, this begs the question, which ceramic coating should you consider?


A Milton ceramic coating has many advantages for your car’s exterior paint. What makes the product great? Read on below to find out all you need to know!

What Is Ceramic Coating?

For many of us, the maintenance of the pretty exterior paint job of our vehicles is a number one priority. There is nothing quite like having shiny, glossy paintwork that everyone will notice while you drive by. 


To understand ceramic coatings, we must first look at some common paint-protecting products. Wax is an organic, affordable paint protector. For decades, its use has been to keep the paint looking shiny and new. 

Unfortunately, wax and polish don’t last as long as ceramic coating, and you have to re-apply it multiple times over the course of a year.


Sealants on the other hand are synthetic and last a couple of months. They are easy to apply but don’t give the same shine that a top-quality wax provides. Sealants also require reapplication every couple of months. 


By far the king when it comes to coating and protection of your vehicle’s paint is ceramic coating. This liquid polymer application is by hand and dries to form a protective layer. When properly maintained, it can offer protection for several years. 

How Is Ceramic Coating Applied?

Ceramic coating is applied like any other wax product but isn’t removed right away. Instead, the coating remains for about an hour and is then removed. The result is a hard, durable protective coating that can withstand sunlight and some of the harshest conditions. 


In order to apply a ceramic coating, the paintwork on your vehicles has to be in good condition. Scratches, stone chips, and dents normally get repaired first, for the coating to give a good finish. If your paintwork is dull, either a respray will be required before or your paint will need to be buffed out. 


Most coatings all have their own attributes and preferred way of applying them. To be sure it’s done correctly, an expert will need to do it. You shouldn’t apply it if you have limited knowledge of the product.

Advantages of Milton Ceramic Coating

Long-lasting protection is one of the main reasons why people chose a Milton ceramic coating. Essentially, it can be seen as a hard outer shell that protects the vehicle paintwork from bird droppings, water stains, road dirt, and any other harmful substances that might ruin your paintwork. 


A ceramic coating offers such protection that any of the aforementioned defects will easily wash off with only a rinse. The other advantage is that by washing your car, the ceramic coating won’t fade away, unlike most of the other protective coatings available on the market.


A ceramic coating creates a layer that repels water and dirt. The dirt therefore can’t sit on the paintwork and be baked onto it permanently. A good ceramic coating is also applied easily, although a lot of prep work is required.


All ceramic coatings come with a warranty for the product. If you have a problem and it doesn’t last as long as it should, the company will come out and re-apply the product for you, giving you peace of mind and top-quality service.

What Ceramic Coating Won’t Do

Ceramic coating isn’t ideal for everyone, and ultimately it is a product that is mainly used on high-end sports cars or cars that are newly built. With prices of ceramic coatings kits being less than $100 sometimes, it is the preparation that makes the entire process costly.


The coating highlights any imperfections, swirls, and scratches, and any discoloration has to be polished away, which can be labour intensive. This makes the entire process expensive, and not many people want to spend that kind of money.


More significant than the cost of the coating, is the unrealistic expectations of people. Some people view it as an impenetrable barrier, but your paintwork can still be scratched, chipped and dented. Furthermore, you must maintain a ceramic coating with brush-free washes, and most people don’t do this, ruining the coating in a matter of months.

Does Ceramic Coating Increase Your Vehicle Value?

Without a doubt, a good ceramic coating can significantly increase the value of your paintwork. The first thing that you notice on a vehicle is the paintwork. A good, quality Milton ceramic coating will make it sparkle and add a couple of thousand to the value.


Having a ceramic coating also ensures that you take better care of your vehicle, which, on its own, will increase the value. Many vehicles go for a ceramic coating before they are taken to an auction house and put up for sale, as a nice, shiny car looks better and has a higher value.

Let Your Vehicle Shine

The relationship between man and vehicle has been ongoing for over a hundred years. With the latest improvements and technology, there is no reason why you can’t maintain your pride and enjoy looking like new.


The same can be said for buying a new vehicle. What better way to protect the gloss and shine? The positives severely outweigh the negatives, and investing in a good ceramic coating should be your next big decision. 


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