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7 Tips on Ceramic Coating Maintenance for Your Car

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The typical paint job on a car will likely last anywhere between ten and fifteen years. But that doesn’t mean it will look good for that long. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that it won’t, which is why so many car owners have turned to ceramic coatings to keep their cars looking brand new. 

With the right ceramic coating maintenance, your car can stay shiny, vibrant, and beautiful for years to come. You’ll avoid all of the fading and chipping that often occurs with regular paint jobs. 

After you get your car coated, follow these seven tips for protecting the ceramic coating. 

1. Complete the Curing Process

Before you can even begin to talk about regular coating maintenance, you must make sure that your vehicle has completed the curing process completely. 

During the installation of the coating, there’s a time period that the car will need to dry and cure. This allows the product to harden to its full capacity to really be able to continue to shine and protect the car. When you cut this period short, you run the risk of not having a fully functioning coating. 

There’s nothing more important than following your ceramic coating professional’s recommendations and care tips, they know the product and how to best maintain it. 

2. Stick to Hand Washing

Many car owners decide to get a ceramic coating installed on their vehicles to get that everlasting shine. So it’s tempting to run through the car wash all the time, but this can actually have quite the opposite effect if you’re not careful.

Automatic car washes should be avoided if possible. A simple hand wash will result in a much gentler, more effective cleaning where you can avoid minor scratches and actually get the grime off. Many recommend using the two bucket method and microfiber cloths for the best results.

Also, talk to your ceramic coating professional to get car washing techniques and shampoo recommendations for the best clean.

3. Create a Washing Schedule

There is a fine line that needs to be walked when it comes to washing a ceramic-coated car. It’s best to set up a regular washing schedule to make sure it happens in the optimal window of not too much and not too little.

Many car owners with ceramic coatings operate on an every other week car washing schedule and see great results.

Having a schedule keeps you from forgetting and also removes the day-to-day build-up every car gets when in use. And you can always handle any extreme messes as they happen.

4. Dry the Right Way

No car wash is worth it unless you get the car completely dry before driving away. There’s really nothing worse than spending the time to get everything clean and shiny only to see water spots all over the next day. 

Water spots happen when some moisture is left to dry on its own in the elements but luckily they can be completely avoided by manually drying the car. 

The best way to dry a car is to use a microfiber cloth and to work your way from the top of the car to the bottom. Small circular motions get the best shine. It’s also important to switch out your cloth every so often to ensure a thorough dry and that you’re not just moving the moisture around. 

5. Try to Avoid Extreme Exposure

Unless it’s never driven, a car is going to be exposed to the elements. A ceramic coating does a great job of withstanding the debris and continuing to look amazing.

But avoiding extreme exposure can be a helpful part of ceramic coating maintenance.

Mostly avoiding driving in areas that will get your car extra muddy or through gravel. It’s also important to make sure you don’t wash your car in the bright sun during the middle of the day. When you do your best to avoid these conditions, your ceramic coating will hold up even better.

6. Apply a Boosting Spray

While a ceramic coating is extremely tough and durable, nothing can last forever and it will eventually start to break down. That is unless you use a boosting spray to add to its strength. 

A boosting spray is basically another layer of coating that you can add to the car periodically to increase protection. Generally, these sprays contain some silicon and other ingredients that harden and protect the original coating. They’ll also give an incredible shine once dry as well. 

These products can be applied as often as every other month or much less frequently, depending on your preference. It’s important to talk to your ceramic coating professional to get the specifics for your vehicle as well. 

7. Keep an Eye On It

The very best thing you can do for your ceramic coating is to keep an eye on it. It’s tempting to think that you don’t have to do any work to keep it looking its best since it’s so durable, but that’s simply not the case.

When you give your car a regular inspection, look for areas that seem to be on the verge of damage. From there you can figure out what is causing those weak spots and try to remedy the problem. The quicker you can fix those, the less overall damage you’ll have on your car.

These inspections don’t have to be a big, overwhelming task. Just a quick glance over while you’re washing the car will work great!

Ceramic Coating Maintenance for Your Car

When you take the steps to help your car look its best, you want that look to stay for as long as possible. Even though a ceramic coating is strong and durable, without the proper care it can start to look dingy too. 

That’s why it’s important to follow these ceramic coating maintenance tips as closely as possible. These simple things can make a huge difference in extending the life of the treatment and also ensuring you have the best-looking car on the block!

If you’re interested in getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle or have any questions, contact us today!